EU and Morocco

Yesterday a car from Agadir, Morocco was parking in our street. What confused me, on the car plate next to the moroccian flag was the EU flag.
Did I miss something? Since when is Morocco part of the EU? Or do they have special plates for driving in the EU?

3 thoughts on “EU and Morocco”

  1. It probably was a car from Europe that once it didn’t comply with european safety laws was exported. Another interesting thing is that most german rental cars (Europcar is spoiling their cars with them) have additional ‘D’ stickers next to the tags so even is the tags are changed you’d still see the car is from Germany and not from Poland 🙂

  2. Did it really have an EU sticker on it? Just a few weeks ago, I saw a car from Turkey having a blue sticker on its license plate, _just like the EU license plates have_, only without the yellow stars.

  3. Hm, now that you ask, i am not 100% sure. I should have made a picture…

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