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Since I am setting up my new Mailserver next, i am evaluating webmail applications. My requirements:
Communication between Webfrontend and Mailserver via IMAPS, no extra database server required.
IMP/Horde looks like overkill, i am looking for something more simple.

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  1. I use squirrelmail. It’s lightweight and pretty straight forward. Easy to install, easy to upgrade and easy to customize. It supports imap-ssl with php >= 4.3.x
    You can also use a ssl-tunnel. If you have several imap server you can use perdition as a imap proxy. perdition can distinguish between incoming and outgoing connections. Squirrelmail plaintext perdition (localhost) ssl/tls imaps

  2. Ok, i tested squirrelmail:
    Bad: does not work with php5 yet, refuses to open my Inbox (around 40MB)
    Good: works with apache, easy to install
    I tested prayer:
    Bad: needs its own webserver, refuses to talk to my imaps server, because the certificate is only self signed.

  3. It should work with php5.
    About the performance. Try to enable server side threading if your IMAP server supports it. It’s much more efficient to have the IMAPD do the threading rather than doing it ourself in PHP.
    Also increase ufsdirhash (with freebsd). We use squirrelmail on one server for >50k mailboxes. It scales very well. I.e. my Inbox is about 350MB 🙂
    But perhaps you’ve a more complex environment.

  4. Well, i use dovecot because it is the only IMAP Server i know that works with mboxes. It is not the fastest, but it works ok with Apple Mail.
    Since the Server is only opening a single file, ufsdirhash should not be a limit.
    There are currently only two users on the server, so there should not be a performance bottleneck 🙂
    I will give squirrelmail another try this weekend.

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