Guertelnightwalk VIII

Yesterday was Guertelnightwalk time. In the previous years I was never able to get anywhere near the rhiz-Stage because it was too crowded. So this year i was at the rhiz from the beginning (20.00).
The first band was dotmatrix, four geeks making music with their Nintendo Gameboys.
Some of the tunes were quite good, but it is not really music for an OpenAir concert, more for getting drunk in a bar. The guys on stage were only staring at the displays of their instruments ignoring the audience completely. At most they were nodding with their heads to the beat.
The Headliner of the evening, I-Wolf started at 21.00. At that time it was already nearly impossible to leave, because it was so crowded. But luckily there was no need to, as the concert was quite good. His band consisted of a DJ, a drummer, a bass player and a vocalist. And unlike his predecessors he was able to control his electronic equipment and control the audience and his co-musicians.

2 thoughts on “Guertelnightwalk VIII”

  1. Hey, i was there too but didn’t see you! Next time you may leave notice :))
    At least, i started my personal nightwalk at 10:30pm so didn’t see many Bands but saw many people and enjoyed the spirit of Rhiz, Carina and Chealseas :))

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