Danish Internet

Unfortunately there is no Internet access at our holidayhouse like advertised. Only on weekends a friendly neighbor plugs in his open WLAN Accesspoint.
A few days ago a technician put this socket into the wall, but i have no idea how to use this for internet access.
Chris guessed that it is a danish telephone socket, so a DSL Modem is still missing.

2 thoughts on “Danish Internet”

  1. It’s a telephone socket. 🙂 The two vertical slots carry signal, if I remember correctly. The horizontal one you should be able to ignore for most purposes.
    As for using it for internet access, it’s fairly easy: you break the socket out of the wall, and hook your modem up to the wires carying signal. *grin*
    I moved out of Denmark about six years ago, and still bump into plugs that fit into their silly sockets. 😮
    – Philip

  2. It is a POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) socket. You can get adapter cables for plugging in a modem in most computer shops. Did that on my Denmark holidays in 2002. We used a call by call provider, which had his CDs in the computer shop… Worked fine and was fast enough to read e-mails and surf a little bit…

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