Testing Live CDs

Yesterday arthur downloaded the Zeta live CD, as it was advertised on the german Teleshopping channels.
I tried BeOS previously, and Zeta isn’t very different. There is still not enough Software and there are still some stability issues. And there are still some drivers missing (especially Graphic cards), but we were suprised that the Intel Centrino chipset is supported out of the box.
Oh, and shipping an OS without a C-Compiler is just lame. So I am not sure why anybody should pay $$$ for this OS.
Today i downloaded FreesBIE and it was quite a nice expierience as it feels quite different than my normal FreeBSD/KDE desktop. My hardware was detected and the XFCE Deskop has some nice applets. The only thing confusing me a bit was that i had to select my keyboard layout two times, I guess first for the console and second for X.
And I wonder why they installed putty and didn’t install any games.