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After FreeBSD 6.0 was released, the ports tree is now completly open for commits, so on the same day a GNOME update (incl. glib20) and a KDE update hit the tree. So while all my machines (except the Mac) where running portupgrade, i decided to hear my Propellerheads CD again.
It took me several minutes to find it, although i knew in which shelf i stored it. So it looks like i need a new sorting system for my CDs. At the Moment they are sorted by a mixture of genre, date of purchase and randomness. But this system has several flaws. First there is no common definition of how to sort genres in a 2D shelf (e.g. yesterday i was surprised that the BoF record store sorts Gothic Music next to TOP40 Samplers). Next i am getting old, and start to forget in which order i bought my several hundred CDs.
For example “Decksanddrumsandrocknroll” that is now happily spinning in my CD-Player was bought somewhere between 1998 and 2000, so it was located in the shelf “CDs bought in Germany” sorted next to Fatboy Slim (reasonable roughly same genre), Tricky (bought in 95 and not the same genre), Deee-Lite and Pizzicato Five.
Maybe i should restart my project of ripping all my CDs (last time i gave up after ripping 80 CDs).

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  1. I hope you’ve seen the movie High Fidelity 🙂 It includes a scene about various sorting algortihms and their advantages/disadvantages.
    In the movie the protagonist got dumped by his girlfriend and thus started sorting but overloaded BSD boxes are also a good reason to do something else. I usually opt to clean my kitchen.

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