First Snow and my Christmas present

Yesterday you could see snow flakes if you had a lot of imagination. Today you don’t need imagination. Yeah.
Related, yesterday i bought my personal Christmas present. I now own an MP3 player, an Ipod.
Now i am adequate equipped for my trip to Basel next week.
I managed to crash it immediately after powering it on, and i am not too impressed by a device that has no hardware reset button. Luckily since i updated the Ipod Updater on my Mac from the driver CD, it is working flawlessly. Looks like Panther does not get the new Ipod Updater via Software Update, a small hint from Apple to buy the Tiger upgrade.
What I also don’t like, that it is not possible to do anything on the Ipod, while it is mounted the Mac, and the message “Do not disconnect” should be replaced by “umount before disconnecting” or something like that.