blogging break…

Three weeks without a blog entry. That is quite a record for this blog.
Busy times. I went to Germany on Christmas and back. I was ill again after that, so no big end-of-the-year party for me.
Now i am busy at work, i should be busy at university and i spend my freetime reading the books i got for christmas (Currently the new Terry Pratchett, “Thud”) and listening to new cds i bought in Hamburg.

One thought on “blogging break…”

  1. och neee, warste schon wieder krank, gibs ja gar nicht…. kann es sein das esberitox ein freundin-beruhigungs-placebo ist?
    was hast du denn für cds in hamburg gekauft? noch mehr dönerbuden-shanties? warst du noch in berlin? ist thud, das buch, was wir dir nachgeschenkt haben?
    lg, karen

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