KDE 3.5

KDE 3.5 is in ports and i have updated my Desktop last week. After a few days i must say i am a bit disappointed. I still have not discovered a really cool feature, and there have been several regressions:
* Kopete: If i launch kopete it popups up a dialog which tells me that my local contact list is not in-sync with the severs list. It presents me a list of ICQ UINs. The only way to find out who these mysterious UINs are is to use the search interface of another ICQ Client.
* Kopete: If i try to remove a contact from the list, it crashes, see Bug 120160
* Kopete: Going Online now requires to hangle through three menus instead of two. Why isn’t there a simple “Connect..” Button like in all other ICQ clients
* Panel: The new Mouseover animations are pretty useless
* Konsole: As usual every KDE update messes around with the fonts. Unfortunately the Settings->Font dialog has been modified, so it is not possible to select the default font.
* Kweatherapplet: The font is now too large, the ° sign is hidden under the image
* Kmail: Check what the server supports dialog is still broken (Bug Bug 102875 )
* Kate: The Kate Terminal does not use the Konsole default.
* ktts: Does this actually work? The GUI is unusable.
* to be continued….

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