Linux multicast routing..

…sucks. i currently have to implement a multicast router that also runs a multicast application. Unfortunatetly it has to run on Linux.
It appears as if Linux 2.6 despite running mrouted or pimd on the system routes its own multicast packets according to the normal kernel routing table to the default route.
So it looks like we have to find an application layer solution *argh*.

4 thoughts on “Linux multicast routing..”

  1. Have you looked at It seems to be in active development, unlike mrouted or pimd. Note that I haven’t actually tried it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    I have not looked at xorp, because it looked too big and complicated for an embedded device.
    Btw. just for those interested. The solution was to enable the IP_MULTICAST_LOOPBACK option. With this Option set, the packet gets to the local routing daemon.
    Additional the TTL needs to be increased, to get a packet across 1 router, a TTL of at least 4 is needed *huh*.

  3. Where did you set the option IP_MULTICAST_LOOPBACK? Was in the the router code for mrouted?

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