Upcoming events

Today i registered for YAPC Europe, which will start next week here in Vienna. My perl skillz are nearly not existing, I only use perl when nothing else is available and apart from my blogsoftware and spamassassin i don’t run any major perl software. But some talks sound interesting and i still have one week to refresh my perl knowledge…
The other event i am pondering to attend, on Sunday Sonic Youth will be playing a concert in Vienna. I was first exposed to Sonic Youth by my english teacher more than a decade ago and nowadays i own three CDs “Goo”, “Daydream nation” and “The Washing Machine”, but i have never listened to their newer albums. So i am not sure if i will like it, if it is worth 25EUR.

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  1. Well, see you there. 🙂 The more cross-pollination between FreeBSD & Perl community, the better, I say.

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