24C3 – Day 2

I haven’t written anything about yesterday yet. The reason is, the congress sleep deficit is getting larger. Trying to fight it with Club Mate gets harder and harder.
So here my summary about the talks i attended yesterday:
– Elektronische Dokumente und die Zukunft des Lesens: A summary about the current state of ebook readers. The speaker was quite convinced that they are now really start taking off. But i think i will continue reading books for some more years.
– Konzeptionelle Einf├╝hrung in Erlang: Most confused talk so far. Unfortunately i did not gain much new insights
– After C: D, libd and the Slate project: A perfect example what you will get, when violating the KISS principle.
– Linguistic Hacking: I expected a bit more. Yeah, you can use Google and Wikipedia to learn more about Languages.
– Just in Time compilers – breaking a VM: Peter and Roland presented their talk well.
– Toying with barcodes: As usual great talk by FX
– Spiel, Freude, Eierkuchen?: I only attended the last minutes of the discussion, but it was quite funny watching the heated discussion between the speaker and the audience incl. MdB Tauss.
– Inside the Mac OS X Kernel: Cute girl talking about a cute OS. A bit too much Apple-Fangirlness but still a nice overview.
– DIY Survival: The audience liked the jokes, but i didn’t.
– Rule 34 Contest: They started late because of technical problems, so unfortunately i missed the end, because i thought that i needed to catch last S-Bahn. But actually on weekends there is no last S-Bahn in Berlin. It was the party highlight so far, it will be hard for hackerjeopardy tomorrow to top this. Funny 70s pr0n-Musicals and lots of strange fetishes.