Apple suffering from NIH syndrome

Yesterday my Airport Extreme Card finally arrived. It looks like a quarter of a PCI Card pushed into half of a PCMCIA card. Installing it into my iBook was a PITA. The card needs to be fixated with a wire clip that nearly broke my fingers. Why can’t they use normal PCMCIA cards?

5 thoughts on “Apple suffering from NIH syndrome”

  1. I googled for MiniPCI and at least the number of Pins look different. I will make a picture this weekend.
    This article was also referering to the wire contructions. Does Apple assume their Users are too stupid to use a screwdriver?

  2. “Airport Extreme” (extreme difficult to integrate) or “Ultra SuperDrive” (a CD-RW/DVD combo) or the G5-Server “with a handle” – I am sure Apple assumes that their customers even don’t know what a screwdriver is ;).

  3. This would explain this sentence in the manual:
    “To prevent unauthorized access to the AirportExtreme card or the RAM expansion module, lock the keyboard by twisting the screw on the keyboard a half rotation

  4. I hear the AirPort Extreme cards are easier to install than the old normal AirPort cards. I installed one of the old cards last week, and I haven’t used as many expletives in a long time.

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