EuroBSDcon 2004

Looks like another travel to Karlsruhe in autumn, after Linuxtag in June (23. – 26.).
EuroBSDcon 2004 will take place in Karlsruhe from 29. – 31. October 2004.


BTW, the banner’s colors (red, white, black) look really Austrian. Anyone from the austrian BSD community, who wants to present a paper?

How to write a NIC driver for FreeBSD

“[..] I write new drivers by choosing an existing driver that
most closely matches the design of the chip I need to support, run
it through sed(1) to change its name, strip out all the device-dependent
stuff specific to the old device and replace it with stuff for the
new device.
And then the stork comes, and it’s a driver.” — Bill Paul on freebsd-net


At the moment, the W3C Validator says this page is valid XHTML.

Valid XHTML 1.0!

There were several bugs in the rssfetch code, Like not encoding & in URLs or targets with spaces. Time to bump the minor version to 0.2.3

I have not added the button to the sidebar, because this blog is changing too quick, and not all changes are under my control (e.g. comments, rssfeeds).
I made a survey on the blogs of my blogroll, that carry the “valid xhtml” button:

  • not valid
  • not valid
  • not valid

(Did I already say that b2 sucks?)
The only exception was “The Aardvark Speaks”, which validated. Congratulation Horst.

Boxes or No Boxes?

Another new item was added to the sidebar. Now I finally have a “Recent Comments” section. I wanted this, because today I got a comment to an older entry. I removed the “Recent Entries” section, because the sidebar was too long, and I never understood why this is needed, the recent entries are already on the right.
A great resource for extending your MT Blog is the MT Wiki, but the example code for “Recent Comments” was wrong, it was a “Recent Comments to Recent Entries” algorithm. Luckily I found a different approach on another blog
BTW, I am not quite sure, if these boxes get updated, if i post a comment, or if i have add a cronjob for automatic rebuilds. I will have to test this.
Now why is this title “Boxes or No Boxes”. I first added the black boxes around external content. Do you think I should add the black boxes to the other sections too, or do you think they are ugly and should be removed? I am currently tending to ugly, but my mood has changed several times today.
My Word of the day is: Tag Soup


When I opened my Laptop this morning, which has been lying on the floor next to my bed, I found 3 ants on the Keyboard. There have been reports before from ants living in Computers, but that was in Australia IIRC (can’t find the URL now).
But Austria is not Australia, why is my previously white iBook now covered with redbrown ants blood?