Upcoming events

Today i registered for YAPC Europe, which will start next week here in Vienna. My perl skillz are nearly not existing, I only use perl when nothing else is available and apart from my blogsoftware and spamassassin i don’t run any major perl software. But some talks sound interesting and i still have one week to refresh my perl knowledge…
The other event i am pondering to attend, on Sunday Sonic Youth will be playing a concert in Vienna. I was first exposed to Sonic Youth by my english teacher more than a decade ago and nowadays i own three CDs “Goo”, “Daydream nation” and “The Washing Machine”, but i have never listened to their newer albums. So i am not sure if i will like it, if it is worth 25EUR.


We went into the City and accidently bumped into the “Free Parade”. Compared to the old days, when it was called “Free Republic Parade” this event was very sad sight.
Although the weather was fine, there were less than 1000 people attending (a few more posters and a bit of press coverage would have helped a lot) and the music was worse too. For a random tourist it was difficult to find out what it was all about as one had to use a magnifier to spot the political statements (and stuff like “für leiwand gegen oarsch” does not count as a statement).
Or maybe i am just getting old and become a Stenzel-voter. We spent the rest of the Saturday hanging out a Kaffeehaus instead.

small world

Vienna has over a million inhabitants plus tourists. I guess, that i only know at max 0.2% of its population by name. When i moved here from a small town, where everyone knew everyone, i guessed, that it would be quite unlikely to meet someone i know accidently at a neutral place and that i could travel around in the city easy without being recognized.
But i regulary bump into someone on the subway, which is most of the time a pleasant surprise to me. Yesterday it was my former flatmate Raed, which i had lost contact several years ago.
So if you see me somewhere in the city nose-picking or doing other silly things, just say hello to surprise me :-).

MT phishing attempt

Today in my inbox, a new kind of phishing mail:

Movable Type Newsletter
Get the fix for MT's built-in anti-spam plugin.
Check out our post to get the details:

And i thought everyone was using WordPress, s9y etc.

without a Laptop

My G4 iBook is currently broken. On poweron the fan is running at full speed, and not even the openfirmware sound can be heard.
It looks like a wellknown bug of the logic board, because sometimes i can get it to boot, if i put pressure on the parts left of the touchpad.
Corey Arnold has a detailed description how to “fix” it, but it looks like i have to look at a new model soon :-(.

Citybike distances

Spring has arrived in Vienna and i already used the citybikes several time.
According to the Citybike Website i currently need 14 minutes to get from Alser Strasse to Spittelau (subway U6 needs 6 minutes) and 14.5 minutes to get from Alser Strasse to Museumsplatz (Tram 43 + U2 is not faster than 14 minutes).
Now lets see if i can improve my time in the next weeks.