imapd update

I finally updated my IMAP server to the dovecot version in ports. Last time i tried to upgrade to a 1.0.alpha release, due to an mbox parsing bug, i had to downgrade to 0.99.
Now the releases are called 1.0-beta and it seems to work fine except some initial log messages “mbox sync: UID inserted in the middle of mailbox”.

Harddisk crash

After two years my iBooks Harddisk is currently in the process of dying. Lots of Disk I/O errors.
I am trying to make a backup (which takes ages because of the disk errors), then I will try a reinstall and then i will see how difficult it is to replace the disk.
I am feeling naked without a Laptop….

I want the old Google back

Recently Google started to mix results of under the regular google results.
Hey, if i want to look for images, i can type ggi: instead of gg: But now i need to scroll down the page first, to find what i am looking for. Time to use ya: (for Yahoo!) more often.

New Gadget

Today i reorganized my server room, and decided to move the printer to the kitchen. Unfortunately my local hardware dealer did not have a WLAN-printerserver in stock, so the printer is still in the server room.
But i discovered something else. An AVM FritzFon, a cheap telephone system with VoIP support. I could not resist. Now i have a “hardphone” for my at43 account.
Getting it to work was a bit tricky, but thanks to my SIP god Hendrik it works now.

Trusting PGP..

After a thread on freebsd-security@ PGP seems to be en vogue again. (Hm, there hasn’t been an official key signing at EuroBSDCon this year..*sigh* But i had forgotten my keyprintouts anyway).
I noticed that my that my key is slightly out of date, so i removed my ex-jobs non-working emailaddress and added my new one. I noticed that this year i only gained one signature (which was actually a leftover from 2004), so i have fallen down to over 600+ in the keyanalyzereports.
So if anybody visiting Vienna this year (or Bad Segeberg over X-Mas) is interested, please speak up 🙂

Asus sux

Today i tried to put another soundcard into my Desktop machine, because i wanted to test Arif Abdullah’s sound patches.
The Mainboard an “Asus K8V-Deluxe EAY” has a VIA AC97 Soundcodec and i added a Creative CT4810. After booting only the Creative card was detected.
Removing the Creative Card, the VIA card is detected again.
It looks like Asus automatically disables the onboardsound in case there is another soundcard plugged in.


At work i am forced to use subversion.
I don’t understand why a lot of people rate svn superior to CVS, it has at least three major defects:

  • svn log is incredible slow compared to CVS and p4
  • svn diff has no -u arg
  • At least on linux svn does not respond to CTRL+C