It is getting boring

Tomorrow will probably be the third time this year, that an “.at world domination”-thread will be started on developers@. And this time, no danes are involved (AFAIK, but they are everywhere).
Looking at the commits to CVSROOT/access of this year, more than 10% of the new committers are living in Austria. So it looks like the BSD Usergroup Austria is successfull pushing BSD forward.
This time Stefan Farfeleder got an src-commit bit, so there are now three and a half FreeBSD committers in Vienna. Congratulations stefanf!
Who will be the next? Send patches now!


You really should buy a MacOS X. Josef just told me, that MacOS X (at least Panther) knows about _my_ birthday per default. So in case you forgot my birthday, open a and enter:

ische:~ arved$ grep arved /usr/share/calendar/calendar.*

So I am expecting a lot of presents in June :-).

Eyecatching T-shirt

Today, I went to university with the pkgsrcCon T-shirt. Although it was quite cheap and I don’t like the backside, a lot of people on the Subway looked at it, and at university some people asked questions about pkgsrc.
Probably because pkgsrc is a word with a lot of consonants :-).


Today I tried to remember how this program was called, that printed pretty graphs out of CVS repositories for various Opensource projects. Before I forget it again, i will write a blog entry.
Here is an example for the FreeBSD ports tree. Unfortunatly only the KDE CVS seems to be up to date.
The difference between this one and Peters commit stats seems to be, that it is based on touched files and not number of commits.

BSD Hackers Week

Last week some BSD hackers visited Vienna. On Monday Lukas and me met Alex Langer. On Wednesday we met Brooks Davis and from Friday to Sunday the NetBSD pkgsrc developers met for pkgsrccon.
Pkgsrccon is now over, and I survived being in a room with around 30 NetBSD users with a FreeBSD shirt on :-). Well in fact most of them were cool guys and the presentations where interesting, since a lot of problems are similar to the ones FreeBSD ports collection is facing.