New keyanalyze report

Jason Harris has released the latest PGP keyanalyze report.
After I nearly hit the Top 50 after Linuxtag Keysigning, I am now falling down again to number 74. Christian Brueffer now owns the best key of the FreeBSD committers.
The other interesting detail about this report, for the first time, there has been a change at the top. Mattias Bauer replaced Florian Lohoff as new No 1.
Although I have exchanged keys with him I can hardly remember his face. Shame on me! He is using FreeBSD and submitted some ports PRs which I handled. Perhaps I should take a digicam to the next geek event.

Use the Force, arved

Yesterday the ORF, Austrian Television was showing “The Return of the Jedi”.
So now I have seen at least two of the famous Starwars movies.
A story that fits into this context: On Friday I felt tempted by the dark side of the force when I was installing some more Accesspoints for the Universities Wireless LAN.
I discovered that the IGW offers Internet Access involuntarily via an open Accesspoint.
One member of the IGW is Peter Purgathofer, A Jedi who uses his lightsaber to teach the students taking his course. (If anyone has a photo please send it to me)
Unfortunately all Computers in the LAN were Macintoshs speaking Appletalk, so I was not able to sniff useful data and stayed on the light side :-).

Second Entry

The Second Entry is a critical one. A Blog having more than one Entry looks like a Blog that is actually used.
Adding a second Entry is hard work for the brain, “Oh, I have a Weblog? What was the URL again?”. Especially if it is as hot as today. (Kweather is showing 32�C).
A more serious problem: Writing “First Post!” is easy, but the Followups should
at least contain some content. So here is what happend since yesterday:
During fiddling with the Layout I noticed that my Server was quite unresponsive.
First I thought this was because of the regular tasks usually running between 3 and 4 am, but after some Investigation i noticed that the machine is swapping like hell. Well 64MB RAM isn’t much for a machine running my Mailserver, a SQUID, an INN, an NFS Server and several other services.
Unfortunately the Chaintech 5TTM1 Mainboard supports only 2x32MB SDRAM.
So no additional RAM for poor huckfinn. After some discussion with wca on IRC
I stopped the rpc.statd which consomed 270MB for just sitting there.
Now the biggest consumer is the INN with around 60MB, but there is no easy way to reduce that one.
I further plan to move the NFS and FTP Service to my new Server, that I want to buy soon.

First post!

Okay I think I have found my favorite blog. MT is in the ports collection, so
really easy to install. It is simple but has also a lot of features.
The default stylsheets are ugly, but after refreshing my CSS knowledge I got something that looked useful.