My neighbors are moving out of their flat, so there is now the opportunity for me to switch to a larger flat in November.
So there is a lot to do for me the next months.
* Cleanup and Paint the old flat
* paint and furnish the new flat
* Especially the move is a reason to switch to a cheaper/faster ISP. So the next steps are:
– Switch MX for which is currently handled only by my home server.
– Find a slave DNS Server for my domains, since the IP Address of my ADSL line will most likely change.
– Find a new Internet acess product that offers at least the same as my current ISP. (static IP Adress, at least 128kbps upstream, unlimited traffic, i18n(enb├╝ndelt) in the 17. district)
I will expect that i will have not much time for FreeBSD till end of the year, and i hope i can still finish this terms university courses as planned.
..and of course if anybody is interested to move into my old flat (~33m^2, ~330EUR/month) send me an email.

2 thoughts on “Moving…”

  1. Hmmm, the old flat was quite expensive, especially in the 17th district … was there something nice on it that would justify the price? (my old flat with 30qm had a monthly fee of 250 euros …).
    Anyway, good luck with the moving, for DNS purposes, is convenient for me, and if you need help when moving let me know.

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