This Blog and IPv6

Unfortunately FreeBSD jails don’t yet support IPv6.
Because I wanted my site to be reachable from IPv6, I previously had a redirect on the AAAA host redirecting to the IPv4 address of the jail.
But now i have finally configured a better solution, using the lighthttpd proxy module.

Snippet from the lighthttpd config:

server.modules              = (
"mod_accesslog" )
server.use-ipv6 ="enable"
server.bind = "2001:6f8:13fb::1"
proxy.server    = ( "" =>
( "localhost" =>
"host" => "",
"port" => 80

BTW, just in case you wondered, in the last year there have been nineteen unique IPv6 addresses from 5 networks (my netblock excluded) in the access.log. Most important one of the Planet FreeBSD aggregators is using IPv6.