I just played with MT Plugins. This entry should have an icon, If i installed everything correct.
I noticed that the MT Plugin API sucks. If I place a random file in my plugins folder, the MT CGI dies 🙁

4 thoughts on “Icons?”

  1. I just downloaded the icon one the other day. Then I decided making icons for all the bizarre things I post about, would take too long, so I never installed it.
    Have to agree about the “don’t put random stuff in your plugins directory” though. Unfortunately for me, the “random stuff” seems to include the MT Plugin manager, which breaks the entire setup. It’s otherwise pretty slick for a non-programmer though, and there’s plenty of nifty plugins.

  2. Wow, I am getting my first comment only 40minutes after posting this entry, while I am still experimenting with the icons.
    My problem with the icon stuff, I need to stuff my entries into categories, something I haven’t done until now.
    And I need a nice Icon for myself, like Rob’s.

  3. the reason putting random files in your plugins directory is a bad idea: when the server runs a .cgi it will try to run any files in the folder as well.
    i’m interested in how you made an icon [and get it to appear] in the URL line of my browser. i’d like to do that myself.

  4. I am not talking about the Webserver,
    I am talking about MT and its Plugin API, MT should error out if it can’t execute the plugin, but not crash completly.
    If this is too hard, I am not a perl guru, perhaps it should only try to open files with a special convention like .MT or something like that.

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