Finally I have categorized around 120 Blogentries from the last half year.
There are three classes of blog entries. One Third fits into a specific Category (e.g. FreeBSD). One Third fits into no category, and the last third fits into multiple categories. Which algorithm do people use to stuff there blog entries into categories? What are they doing if they can’t find a specific category?

3 thoughts on “Categories”

  1. what about designing your categories to fit your blog entries? it’s on you. 🙂
    – btw: why do i need to fill in the “email” field if i like to comment?

  2. I made a category, when I have found three entries for it.
    But there are still entries left, where I have found no good category.
    The Emailaddress is required, because it is the default, and I have not found a way to turn it off. And I think I like to have an emailaddress associated to the comment.

  3. You can allow ‘anonymous’ comments in the main blog configuration. But it’s supposed to help protect against blog-spam-bots
    By the way, I tried the latest version of the plugin manager. It broke my blacklisting, comments, and the ‘by category’ magic bits I had in my little ‘blog that isn’t a blog’ (Kajsa’s Corner, the nursery rhyme site)
    As for categories, I have about 40 of them, and some only have one entry. I always over-engineer things 🙂

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