FreeBSD Core team elections II

Okay, the voting has started. After writing the last blog article and while writing this article, it became quite clear, who will be my favorites and I have placed my votes.
Here are the remarkable paragraphs added in the last 24 hours.

marcel added a good analysis of the project to his statement: We do need to make sure that knowledge and understanding is not as volatile as the people who have it. There are various ways to achieve that, but unfortunately they all depend on somebody doing something. And frankly, we’re not exactly cooperative and forthcoming when it comes to action.
We seem to like to talk about how things should be done, without actually doing it. We all have good intentions, but if push come to shove, we’re all too busy.

I think one of the goals of the future core team should be, that there should be at least two developers overseeing a subsystem. This involves forcing people to share their knowledge and to work in teams.

green commented on the question “Does FreeBSD need a vision?”: I don’t feel that FreeBSD has a unified vision — and I don’t think that this is a problem.�[..] Various individuals in FreeBSD do, however, have their own strong visions!

Yes, thank you. That’s exactly my idea, nothing to add.