Planet BSD anyone?

Via Capzilla I read about the latest internet hype, Planet. I should play with it, as it is written in python and doesn’t stink of PHP. Or I should add a planet mode to rssfetch. Hm, Yet another project for the summer holidays.
But if anyone has time and webspace, there is still a BSD planet missing in the list of planets.

4 thoughts on “Planet BSD anyone?”

  1. Good idea. Technically my engine already supports syndication, so perhaps I should get something like this going?

  2. I am currently only parsing headlines.
    From what I read on, the parser for whole articles needs to be a lot more sophisticated. Like it needs to rewrite tags I am using in my article like special stylesheets and images. And the chances are a lot higher, that articles contain broken characters. AFAIK Mark Pilgrims parser, that is used in planet is one of the more sophisticated ones on the web.
    On CVS they have a large testsuite of feeds. I am only testing the feeds from my blogroll, and even they are not parsed perfect. So there is a lot to do for a planet like functionality.
    Another problem are different languages. Most BSD people I know that write a blog don’t write the whole blog in english, either because they can’t express there ideas good enough in english, or because they started blogging before they got involved into BSD. So it would probably be a cool idea to add language categories (Maybe with automatic run through babelfish).
    Oh, so many ideas, but limited time 🙁

  3. *ugh* more than ~1400 lines of code for parsing and agg8ing xml feeds – isn’t there any regex support in python? 😉

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