It is now proven that I am visiting McDonalds too often. When I entered the local McDonalds today, i was not greated with the usual “Gruess Gott, Bitte sehr!” but with “Hamburger Royal TS Menu regular mit Cola ohne Eis zum hieressen?”.
So here are some facts about McDonalds Karlsplatz, where I am eating at least once a week. There are four groups of customers, pupils from the next school, students, tourists (like everywhere in Vienna) and junkies, as Karlsplatz is the meeting point of the Viennese drug scene. This McDonalds is unique, because it is the only restaurant I know, that has _no_ toilet. As McDonalds restaurants are famous for their cheap and clean toilets (compared to public toilets) around the world, half of the people entering look confused around and leave the restaurant without buying something.
I am still trying to find out, why seven out of ten junkies buy a FishMac. The others are either too stoned to order or notice after they ordered that they don’t have enough money.
Another important advise, if you plan to eat on the terrace, don’t buy fries. Because if you enter the terrace with fries, you will immediately learn that the birds, that look so peacefully are descendants of Alfred Hitchcocks’ Birds.
Other things I like about this McDonalds, one of the shop managers hates the usual US-Top40 music played at most McDonalds and prefers to play DrumNBass, HipHop and other “alternative mainstream” music. Additional they usually have Austrian Newspapers laying around, so you are not bored while eating boring food.