My home is not a fortress

For the second time in a few days i met strangers on the floor of my house.
In Vienna Austria all houses can be opened by a central key (called “BG Schl�ssel”), so that the garbage collection and the postman can enter the house. Unfortunately now nearly everyone can get such a key via grey channels.
The guy i met on the floor a few days ago claimed that he wanted to visit the company that rented my flat until 2001. Today at around 23.00 a guy entered the house and went straight into the garden (although it was raining) and watched the windows on the garden side. Asked what he was doing there he said that it was not my business and ran away. Since I know that the door of my flat is not a real barrier (and the windows are even worse) and i am not always awake and at home I don’t know what to do…

One thought on “My home is not a fortress”

  1. I know that. It’s even worse here at the M�glendergasse. Junkies come into the house and take their drugs. Sometimes things are stolen. A few weeks ago, somebody broke into the appartment of my neighbour. We decided to get a better lock for the door, but unfortunately it seems you can’t get 100% safety.
    Maybe it’s time for the surveillance cameras. 🙂

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