Looking for Billy Silver

You probably know Billy the famous IKEA Storage system. In my flat i have five bookcases in silver plus two BENNO CD-Towers. Unfortunately IKEA decided to stop producing the silver ones and now you can only get them in dark grey metallic, which is ugly and too dark for my flat. When I went to IKEA SCS two months ago the height extension units were already sold out. Since then I have checked IKEA in Salzburg and Hamburg, but found no height extension units. If you know an IKEA that still sells silver height extension units, please contact me immediately.

3 thoughts on “Looking for Billy Silver”

  1. IKEA Sweden seems to have them, but trying to look at the page they’re on makes both my Konq and my IE crash 🙂
    http://www.ikea.se/ -> Produkter A-� in the menu at the top -> B -> Billy -> Alla delar (above the photo)
    I guess they’re a bit big to mail or put in my luggage to aKademy, but we’re shipping stuff to Germany all the time from work, so it’s a possibility, if you can’t find it in de/at

  2. Well, I don’t know what “silver” is in swedish, but the colors on that website don’t look like silver. Only the ugly “m�rkgra metallic”.
    BTW, you are going to aKademy?

  3. “Dark grey metallic” that is. Silver is called “Silver” in Swedish, so I figured if it was there, you’d know 🙂
    Yes, I’ll be at aKademy, haven’t quite finalised the dates, probably 22nd to 28th or so.

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