Serverroom reloaded

Yesterday I collected all kind of serial adapters, gender changers, Null modem cable’s etc and installed FreeBSD on my blue fridge. fridge’s dmesg. While I had some adaptors left, I finally installed NetBSD on the DEC 3000. becky’s dmesg. Here is a picture of the new serverroom.
It is getting pretty hot, two more machines and I will need to ask for a climate control on the FreeBSD wantlist :-). Additional the E450 sounds like a tornado. I can hear it on the first floor. Luckily my neighbors are either deaf or not in their flat at the moment.
On the group picture you can see (from left to right and bottom to top): fridge, becky, ische, olga, via, huckfinn and polly. (Missing on the picture are Riccardo, Jean, Sauna and Mchammer)