Hendrik asked how i chose my hostnames.
When I switched from NT (yes, huckfinn ran NT from January 1998 until ca. May 1999) to Linux, the beauty of hostnames was new to me, so I named it uninspired “lxserver”.
IIRC I switched to huckfinn, when i installed FreeBSD in 2001. Since I bought this machine at H & K, it had an “H & K” sticker on it. The only name with H and K that was suggested on IRC was “Hackme”, which i didn’t like :-), so it became huckfinn. Two other machines are named after characters from Mark Twain books, the sucessor of huckfinn was named polly, because it was bought at PBB and the alpha is named becky (because beta was already taken by the alpha cluster).
My next computer, which will take over the services currently running on huckfinn (Mail + INN) so it’s name is already predefined as tomsawyer.
My other machines’ names: When I bought my Athlon 1400 the first attribute i noticed was the waste heat, so i named it sauna.
The Athlon64 machine needed a name with “hammer” and that reminded me of the 80s 90s popstar McHammer MC Hammer (“U can’t touch this”).
The namesearching for my Laptop is already documented in this blog.
My NetBSD/i386 box is called Olga, because when I bought it, I wanted to install OpenBSD, but because I am incompatible with the OpenBSD installer it is now running NetBSD 🙂
My sparc64 is named “fridge” because it looks like one.
And finally my Epia System has a really uninspired name, “via”. I am still looking for better names, as i can change the name easily when I update it to FreeBSD 5.3.

5 thoughts on “hostname”

  1. The rapper was called ‘MC Hammer’, not ‘McHammer’. He wasn’t sponsored from McDonald’s, AFAIK. 🙂

  2. Though he was more favorite in the 90s IIRC, but all of my musical education in those days came from the BRAVO, so nevermind!

  3. You are both right. “Please hammer don’t hurt ’em” was released in 1990.
    Any more mistakes?
    /me considers implementing bughunter stats for this blog.

  4. It is now called “ische” which is colloquial german term for bitch.

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