I am too old to be a student

When i wanted to buy my student ticket for public transport today, the clerk told me that i am too old. A few days ago I wrote about Fare dodging and now this is reality for me.
There are three possibilities to get to work: First I could use my knowledge about the ticket inspectors and become a professional fare dodger.
The second option is the bike, although my digicam does not support videos like Horst’s and I need to sweat at least 30 minutes to get to university.
The third option is to use day tickets which are cheaper than the
The Annual ticket if i use the subway less than 270 days a year.
The third option is to add 60 EUR to my transport budget and buy the The Annual ticket

2 thoughts on “I am too old to be a student”

  1. I think you made a calculation error – an annual ticket is EUR 409; a one-day ticket is EUR 3 per day (EUR 24 for an 8-day ticket). This means that you get only 136, not 270, days of one-day tickets for the price of an annual ticket.
    Alternatively, you can get 32 weekly tickets (224 days) or 9 monthly tickets (approx. 270 days) for the price of an annual ticket.
    Personally, I think the annual ticket is the best choice, unless you choose to buy monthly tickets for the winter months and use your bike between March and October.

  2. I used to pay 30E per month in secondary school. Now monthly tickets (in-town and nearby traffic only) are up to ~50E iirc.
    I opted to sign up for university and beside taking a few lectures I get an annual pass for 90E (including all other university/tuition fees).
    It took me 25 minutes to get to work today which is not bad at all. It would be around 15-20mins in a car. Even if I don’t study I’d sign up for uni just to get the ticket 🙂

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