Shut up and blog!

Today I discovered keramida@’s blog and was quite surprised to find my own blog linked right next to mwlucas@ Big Scary Daemons.
Time to start a list of FreeBSD committers that write a blog, diaries, livejournals. (Although some take freefall’s motd serious and prefer to code over writing blog entries)

Disclaimer: This list is not complete, please add a comment if i forgot one. There is also the slight possibility that i added a wrong URL, especially as i neither speak Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

Update 2004-10-05: Added clsung, foxfair, grog, hosokawa, hrs, lth, mich, motoyuki, yoichi.

Update 2004-10-09: Added nyan, issei, nobutaka. Thanks to motoyuki who maintains a diarylist of the japanese BSD community

Update 2004-10-17: Added ijliao, remko

Update 2004-10-23: Added alex

11 thoughts on “Shut up and blog!”

  1. Uhm, this list would be ideal to start a planet, similar to or

  2. Well unfortunately planetplanet is written in python and i don’t speak python.
    I tried to set one up, but processing failed with:
    INFO:root:Processing index.html.tmpl
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “../”, line 240, in ?
    template = TemplateManager().prepare(template_file)
    File “/d/home/arved/planet/”, line 204, in prepare
    precompiled = self.load_precompiled(file)
    File “/d/home/arved/planet/”, line 341, in load_precompiled
    self.lock_file(file, LOCK_UN)
    File “/d/home/arved/planet/”, line 274, in lock_file
    fcntl.fcntl(fd, fcntl.LOCK_UN)
    IOError: [Errno 14] Bad address

  3. Have a chain of *BSD blog?

    It seems that arved have a list of blogs which are owned by persons he know. Hmm… Maybe it’s time to have a list of BSDers blog list :-)…

  4. Thanks, arved, it’s great! I think we may extend the FreeBSD ‘people’ site as well 🙂

  5. Well the people site is the autogenerated list of homepages, which is something different then a blogroll.
    At the moment there is no service. You know we are short on disk space on freefall :-).
    BTW it is interesting to see how FreeBSD people discover this blog…

  6. Thank you very much, I found ijliao’s blog last year, but did not bookmarked it (because I can’t read it 🙂 and when I wrote this list I couldn’t find it anymore.

  7. Okay, this list has now moved to the FreeBSD Bloglist which has a list of Feeds and a hint in which languages the blogs are written

  8. FreeBSD committers Blog chain

    arved 做了一個 FreeBSD committers 的 blog list… 奇怪,他怎麼找到我的 @_@
    狐狸毛的 blog 裡面提到 arved 做了一份 FreeBSD committers Blog chain,我去翻了一下,咦,我的竟然也在上面 @_@ 仔細看了一下 co…

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