Buying CDs in Vienna

Usually I am buying CDs at the Virgin Megastore, Mariahilfer Strasse. Unfortunately it is currently closed for refurbishment. Saturn doesn’t really sell CDs I like, so where do people buy CDs in Vienna?
I don’t know any other _large_ record store in Vienna :-(. Most people on IRC suggest Amazon, which is nice if you know what you want, but bad for searching around. At the Virgin you can listen to CDs for hours and there are always at least three CDs that I like.

2 thoughts on “Buying CDs in Vienna”

  1. Rave Up (Hofm�hlgasse), Substance (Westbahnstrasse). Really depends on what kind of music you like.

  2. Thanks for the hint.
    The problem why i wrote “large”, i like nearly all kind of music, (maybe except Volksmusik). And i usually don’t know what kind of music I would like to buy, before I enter the record store and checked out half of the sections.
    Btw, having a record store in my neighborhood would be a real problem for my addiction 🙂

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