I am in .de now

Yesterday night I traveled to Bad Segeberg. I managed to connect my ibook to the Internet by installing Sygate on the Windows PC of my parents, so I can use the ISDN card.
Weather is rainy and stormy. Every year I feel more like an alien in my former home town. And it looks like i forgot how to say “Moin”.

4 thoughts on “I am in .de now”

  1. Welcome back to Northern Germany 🙂
    It’s really hard to imagine somebody from up here not knowing how to say ‘Moin’. On the other hand you won’t wind up in a meeting in southern Germany greeting $LARGECOMPANY officials with ‘Moin’.
    I hope you have a good time altough the weather really sucks right now. Are you heading to the CCC in Berlin?

  2. An example, when I enter a shop, i have to powerup my brain to start thinking: Is this a place where I am supposed to say “Moin!” or one where i am supposed to say something like “Gr�ss Gott!”. Last year, it only took a few hours until i knew where I am (literally).
    Hendrik, I doubt i will be at 21C3, because a) I have to carry a lot of my stuff to Vienna, as my parents are selling the house and b) I have to work.

  3. Hehe, it’s the same to me, i didn’t realize that i was saying “Gr�ss Gott” on the telephone talking to my bank, though my mother was amused afterwards because she was hearing it. But here in Saxony, people are more used to Bavarian speech and i’m often recognized as Bavarian because many Germans are not capable of distinguishing Bavarian dialects.
    So why do your parents sell the house? Too windy on the seaside? :)) Greeting from Dresden, Saxony, Germany

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