FreeBSD 5.3 in the press II

The heise publishing company restored their reputation. After the “not so good” article in the c’t magzine, the january issue of the iX magazine contains a FreeBSD 5.3 and OpenBSD 3.6 article by Lukas Grunwald. It is available online (but in german). Although parts are a breathless accumulation of catchwords, the author mentions the new features and wrote about his personal expierience.
He complained about the incomplete mirrors at the time of writing, that the ext3 journal was destroyed, when he mounted his linux partition with mount_ext2 and that the RNG sometimes slows down booting, because it needs more entropy. He also mentions that SMPng is not yet as good as SMP in Linux 2.6.
But his summary is positive, “FreeBSD is easy to install”, “FreeBSD can be considered as a Linux alternative”.
Unfortunately the new c’t issue contains only one letter to the editor by Oliver Fromme, which contains a daemon vs. devil comment and a pointer to Lehmann’s FreeBSD edtion.

5 thoughts on “FreeBSD 5.3 in the press II”

  1. … sorry arved,
    this article sucks. This Guy didn�t even read the faq about the installationprocess; if he would, he would know, that there is a cd36.iso which is a bootable CD. No need for a floppy, it�s simply a lie. ( )
    He just rants about a system he is not able to install. I doubt the “author” ever read parts of the FAQ (4) about the installation – not to say, ever installed a openbsd system. Everyone who fails installing it following this howto, should take of his hand from the keyboard. the “hardest” part is disklabeling and fdisk, a IMO common tool for sysadmins.
    Heise proved, they don�t care about their magazines quality and just believe their so called writing “Experts”. Same as before.

  2. Well, someone should write a letter to the editors to tell them about Wim’s kd85, which makes it very easy to get an OpenBSD set.
    But face it, OpenBSD doesn’t do a good job documenting how to download it (maybe because they want to sell the CD sets.)
    If i wanted to install OpenBSD and visit the Homepage, i would click on a link to Getting OpenBSD->FTPing releases. On the FreeBSD Homepage I would click on Software->Getting FreeBSD.
    Now comparing the sites i am directed to: Although the OpenBSD Site is twice as large, it does not contain information, which file I need to download, too get started.
    Oh, and if the autor managed a PXE install, he can’t be an idiot.

  3. arved, everything is explained below the Installing OpenBSD Link on OpenBSDs MainPage. If _I_ want to know about how to intall an OS, I�ll definitly search for the term “install” and not for “getting” .. 🙂

  4. Obviously we have a different mentality, probably because I am conditioned to ignore FAQs until something goes wrong by too many bad outdated FAQs (e.g. the FreeBSD FAQ).
    BTW, someone of the OpenBSD Webteam improved the front side a few days ago.
    Now they just have to rename the FAQ to “installation guide”, add a link to it on http://ftp.html and add an alias and the armchair usability expert in me is satisfied 🙂

  5. .. okeh – we two have. But a so-called journalist should deeply research about stuff he�s writing about – if not, he writes crap (what the guy did. pxe install isn�t a medal of honor to me ..)
    try to post this suggestion on misc@ – and a flame war will start :))

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