The Dancing KAME

I have setup IPv6 tunnels before, but this time I would like to setup a router using rtadvd and connect all my computers. Unfortunately i have not found a nice Howto yet, but i still have a few hours this weekend to figure it out on my own.
It is always fun to see the dancing kame turtle.
Btw. Lukas, please fix If you are requesting the webpage via ipv6 you get the ZID homepage.

One thought on “The Dancing KAME”

  1. I have this in my rc.conf:
    vr1 is my LAN interface. And I have this /etc/rtadvd.conf:
    vr0 is my outside interface (but not the tunnel endpoint!). Hope this helps.
    Regarding I have to take a look at the httpd.conf, thanks for the notice.

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