My sister and her boyfried are visiting Vienna this weekend. On Friday we have visited the Mumok. I liked the exhibition of the “Costakis Collection”, a greek diplomat who collected russian Avantgarde. I bought the exhibition catalogue, so that i can remember which stuff i will buy, if i have too much money :-). The other exhibition “John Baldessari – A differend kind of order” was ok too, but some installations were a bit strange (see “Teaching a plant the alphabet” at Horst’s blog)
Yesterday we went to my favorite korean restaurant, were i have been eating a strange dish (I think it was called Zazam´┐Żn), that looked like earthworms in chocolate (according to the descripition in the menu, it was noodles with black beans).


Later we went to the WUK, where we watched “moment 05” an international Impro-theater competition.