Time for a change

Sometimes like today I wake up, and think that it is time to change something in my life. Unfortunately i don’t know what: leave my girlfriend, quit my job(s), move out of my flat, sell my computers or something completely different.
Since I don’t know where to start I usually just carry on.

4 thoughts on “Time for a change”

  1. Hrm, don’t you think that both your girlfriend and your employer(s) wouldn’t be amused to see you doubt the relationship you have with them? With thinking out _that_ loud I’d be careful that your ‘problems’ don’t take care of themselves.

  2. Sometimes it’s time for a real long break … get a car and just head for spain or south france and make holidays …. but with no reservation in advance. It was fun for me 3 years ago 😉

  3. @lewe: Maybe I am just waiting for my problems “to take care of themselves”, but it is very unlikely.
    For now i have started with switching my shower gel 🙂 *now powered by “Cliff Enerty Menthol”*
    @murli: yeah thats how i ended here in Vienna the last time i took a trip like that.

  4. murli said it: How about a two weeks off? Just check one of those cheap airlines and head somewhere remote.
    One of the easier things would be some change in food. Buy some weird asian stuff, lunch at the places you wouldn’t go and simply taste something different. Cooking is fun and can be relaxing (as long as you have a dishwasher). Having company is as important as having good food so don’t quit your job and stuff … you can replace anything but friends!

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