New Webserver online

I finally got my own 1337 r00t Server. After a hint from Daniel Seuffert, that Elkhouse offers cheap FreeBSD root servers, i decided to get one, so that I will be able to use more of my ADSL bandwith for myself.
I will migrate content on this site step by step to Rollo, so expect some disruptions :-).
While doing the migration i decided to implement several improvements. First the apache runs now in a jail, second I have upgraded to php5 and third i intend to evaluate MT3.
The only thing that hasn’t been solved to my satisfaction yet is rollo’s reverse lookup, because I lack clue for configuring BIND in combination with CIDR (but “DNS & BIND” is on its way to me) and i have not yet moved one of my domains to Elkhouse.

5 thoughts on “New Webserver online”

  1. You know you should use S9Y instead of anything else… and now that you’re migrating you definitely should check it out before doing anything stupid. 🙂

  2. You might even be able to switch you trackbacks back on because of the neat S9Y spam protection system…

  3. I know a lot of people are switching to s9y these days, but i try to avoid php where possible.
    And i hope the MT3 has better trackback spam protection, than MT2.
    But if MT3 is dissappointing i promise i will try s9y, although there is no FreeBSD package of s9y yet.

  4. There is no need to port S9Y anywhere, as the installation is simple and platform independent. There would have been a port for this for ages if people really thought it would be needed.
    Btw. I get your point about the PHP, a good point.

  5. Well you need switches for Apache13/20, php4/php5, MySQL/Postgres.
    Btw, i noticed it looks like S9Y does not support BerkeleyDB or SQLite. I am reluctant to run a full blown database server just for this blog.

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