Congratulations, you have found the new URL of this Blog.
With this move you will get:

  • More Bandwith, the blog is no longer hosted on my ADSL line.
  • New MovableType version, with new page Layout. Sixapart did a good job by maintaining backward compatibility with the old version, all my hacks and plugins still work.

If you are missing something, please report.
The only thing missing so far, i have not read through all the old entries and moved the images to the new server, so images of old entries are still loaded from my ADSL line.

4 thoughts on “New URL”

  1. Okay, I think the typekey configuration of MT3 is pretty broken.
    At least it appears i have to approve every single comment.
    If it proves to be unpracticable I will turn moderation off, but for now i will test comment moderation.

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