EuroBSDcon day 1 part 2

Later I went to silby’s TCP/IP talk, which had some quite interesting graphs how broken Linux is and how many differences there are between the different BSDs.
After lunch was the X session. Matthias Hopf of SUSE showed some nice 3D effects and Matthieu Herrb announced the death of imake with Xorg 7.0. Next i went to Emmanuel Dreyfus’ talk about IPSEC, where he tried to explain the whole mess of IPSec extensions and implementations.
In the OpenBSD Firewall talk Ryan McBride demonstrated redundant firewalls and used an axe to hack a Twistedpair cable, good show. Finally Ed Maste talked about locking of FreeBSD network stack, he did a good job as rwatson incarnation of the day.
The social event was in a nice cellar. There were ugly beers from all over Europe (yes we made the mistake of trying most of them) and a spicy gulasch to make the people thirsty. There was a drinking contest of the various Operating Systems teams. Of course FreeBSD went ahead of the other projects fast because most of the attendees were FreeBSD people and we wondered what happend if the beer glass stats that show the consumed beers overflows.
But later a lot of FreeBSD people left being sure they will win the contest. Now the OpenBSD people took over by confusing the Barkeepers with singing Humpa songs and giving OpenBSD shirts to them.
I think we left around 1:30, so i am not sure if they managed to take over the lead.

2 thoughts on “EuroBSDcon day 1 part 2”

  1. […] had some quite interesting graphs how broken Linux is […]
    Wow, that statement combined with no fact backing-up is brainless Linux bashing par excellence.

  2. @foobar, did you read silby’s paper in the conference proceedings?
    Unfortunately it is not yet online, so i can’t link to it, but silby promised to upload it together with his testing scripts,
    when he is back home in the US.

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