EuroBSDcon day 2

On Sunday it was naturally hard to get up early to arrive at roberto’s talk in time. I must admit i still don’t see the need for a Distributed Sourcecodemangementsystem especially with todays ubitous Internet access.
Afterwards i listened to Andre’s talks on FreeBSDs TCP/IP stack. The first one didn’t contain much news for people following the FreeBSD Mailinglists but the second was quite interesting but unfortunately he ran out of time.
After lunch at the university mensa i listened to Riondas talk about jails. Although i am using FreeBSD jails for a few months now “in production” i learned something new.
The mystery session was a bit poor, although the panel did a good job it ended up in a bikeshed, because everyone wanted to tell his opinion about BSDs PR whithout listening to the previous comments.
After the end we went to a strange Kitsch-pub to drink a few beers because we had a few hours until our train to Vienna left in the evening. While changing trains at Z├╝rich main station we met Rionda for his train back to Italy.
Now i need to catch up sleep and other stuff…