24C3 – Day Zero

It’s been six years since i last attended a Chaos Communication Congress. Since last time i had to wait very long at the entrance, i decided to buy my ticket on Day 0 this time.
I arrived a few minutes after 18:00 when the ticket counter should open. Quite a lot of people where already lined up. But the counter did not open, because of a “network issue”. We had to wait for an hour in the cold (approx. 0°C). Then the line was relocated to the inside, and we had to wait another half hour until we were finally able to buy a ticket.
So yeah, i was reminded why it is called “chaos” communication congress. I hope tomorrow will be organized better.

One thought on “24C3 – Day Zero”

  1. Organization would spoil all the fun. 🙂
    We unwisely decided to go for beer and dinner last night before getting our tickets. We only had to queue for half an hour though (inside) so that was alright. Gave me a chance to get reacquainted with club-mate, which for some reason isn’t sold in Belgium…

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