Looking for i-Names

My new iBook has arrived, Expect pictures soon. Now I need a name for it. My first ideas: iViline, ira, ivy, inken, ivory. But nothing convinced me yet. Luckily the Airport card didn’t arrive yet, so I have some time left until i need to add it to the DNS. Please send me your suggestions. Until the final decision it calls itself “arveds computer”, which is a really silly name, since it is not a unique definition.
My first adventures with Mac OS X: I discovered that MacOS X is a h4X0r OS, it is the only Operating System I know, which has a portscanner installed in the default installation. It was easier to find, than the Terminal. The Filesystem Hierarchy looks really silly, why haven’t they installed their proprietary non-standard stuff into specific prefix? Also I noticed that there is no driver for the Netgear MA111, so no WLAN without Airport.
What I still need to find out:

  • How to deinstall software, who needs iChat?
  • How to add and remove items from the taskbar
  • How to disable the Startup sound

I think I will have to read some Mac-Newsgroups.

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