port install darwinports

I spent this weekend getting darwinports to run. My greatest problem was, that I needed to install various Apple Developers packages like X11SDK. Now I am installing qt, gtk and all my favorite Apps.
There some nice things about dports i like already, e.g. automatic plist generation, or the simpified status file in the WRKDIR. But there are still a lot of things I need to get used to.

2 thoughts on “port install darwinports”

  1. Why take darwin ports? Most of the software in the darwinports compiles without problems 😉
    To be serious I’d like darwinports more if they didn’t use tcl, but makefiles. at the moment it try to produce a set of makefiles with some software in. And until now i succeded in compiling most of the software i wanted, and failed with the one neither in darwinports nor in fink.

  2. Why darwin ports? I installed darwin ports, because I wanted to have something similar to my favorite FreeBSD ports. Of course most of the stuff in ports compiles without problems. But I like to have a central place for installing and more important uninstalling software. I would like to know the origin of all files on my system and the package database provides an easy interface to find out.
    At the moment darwinports are small but they will grow and sooner or later one will benefit from the collective effort of making software work on Darwin.
    Darwinports uses TCL because it is jkh’s favorite language. Old versions of FreeBSD were shipping FreeBSD in the base system and I think darwinports was inspired by libh (http://www.freebsd.org/projects/libh.html) a failed attempt to replace FreeBSDs sysinstall. At the Moment I haven’t reviewed the TCL code, but I know that bsd.port.mk is a huge ugly mess.

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