Busy with work, university and FreeBSD. Weather not very good. Next Weekend off to Dresden for the annual Family meetup.
More Content hopefully in July when university holidays start.

blogging break…

Three weeks without a blog entry. That is quite a record for this blog.
Busy times. I went to Germany on Christmas and back. I was ill again after that, so no big end-of-the-year party for me.
Now i am busy at work, i should be busy at university and i spend my freetime reading the books i got for christmas (Currently the new Terry Pratchett, “Thud”) and listening to new cds i bought in Hamburg.

awake at 3.30am

While waiting for mchammer recompiling all his ports after the shared library bump, i finally took the courage to talk to an old friend of mine on ICQ, whom i have not talked to for more than three years.
We chatted for nearly an hour, and now i am fully awake without consuming any caffeine.

Fat & Lazy

Around ten years ago i had to switch my Levis 501 size from 30W/34L to 31W/34L. This month i had to switch to 32W/34. If i continue getting fat at that rate, i will be quadratic before my 50. birthday :).
So i decided to do more sports this summer. Yesterday i made a bicycle tour to the Exelberg (516m) in the Viennese Woods. A nice tour for motorbikes but a hellride for an untrained bicycler like myself. But i managed to stay on the saddle until i reached the top.

The cat

This cat has been in my garden for a few hours now.
Update: The cat belongs to my neighbors and unlike their old cat, the young one is able to jump over to fence.

Throwing stuff away

Today I was looking for the manual of my 17″ monitor because I wanted to know the sync ranges, but i could not find it, althouth i bought the monitor only 5 years ago.
But i stumbled over several pieces of obsolete Hardware, that was hidden in some corner. I am always having a hard time to throw away things, unless I am moving. When I am dying my flat will probably turned into a museum.
Today I finally decided to throw away a “Chello User Manual” from 2000.
I could not throw away two orginal Microsoft two button serial mice and I also kept the Parallel-Port Switch for four printers. I have also various ISDN Hardware which I will probably never use again, like an AVM A1 ISA ISDN Card, an ELSA USB ISDN Adapter and a Typhon PCMCIA ISDN Adapter and of course two Monitors (14″ and 15″).
Another item in my collection is a 250MB Streamer. And does anybody still need BNC Cables today? Does anybody remember the Iomega 100MB ZIP Drives?


I finished rearranging the furniture in my flat just in time for the Eurovision Songcontest finals…
Everybody switching on the TV now 🙂