Today I wrote a small perl-script that extracts CDP Information from Cisco devices via SNMP and writes the resulting graph into a dotfile. Here is a sample image.
You can download the script here.
I would like to add more information to the vertices, but i need to know more about the dot language first.

Bad Segeberg on FM4

Bad Segeberg, where i lived before I moved to Vienna in 2000, was mentioned on FM4, my favorite austrian radio station, last week. Stermann & Grissemann claim to play a role at the Karl May Festival.
Listen to the MP3s: part 1, part 2.
BTW, The most interesting news from Bad Segeberg in the last half year was probably the decline of M�bel Kraft, once one of the largest German furniture shops.


What a nice long german word. Today I got three letters from the tax office titled “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2000”, “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2001/2002” and “Einkommensteuerbescheid 2003”, the result of my income tax assessment. I am not sure why they were not able to send one single letter, although they were able to summarize the results into one “Buchungsmitteilung”.
I am glad, i am not working as a tax collector since i didn’t understand much from reading the 15 pages and i am not sure what happens now. In the best case the finance office transfers me 1599.06 EUR or 1442,38 EUR (if they keep the interest). In the worst case nothing happens or i have to pay 35,44 EUR (the result of 2003).
Starting with 2003 it is possible to do the income tax assessment online via Finanz-online, but it doesn’t look like it would simplify the process. Someone needs to tell them that an email address containing a “+” is valid and that it is bad practice to display passwords in clear text on the screen.

Found a Wireless LAN

Finally one of my neighbors got Wireless LAN. Of course my gf was the first to discover it. The SSID is “SpeedTouch687D93”, which looks like default (The last part is the MAC Address). Unfortunately he or she uses WEP, and i haven’t found anything about default keys for the SpeedTouch Accesspoints. According to the manuals i found on the net they have WEP disabled by default.
Additional i learned, that dwepdump from bsd-airtools does not work with my Orinoco card neither under FreeBSD 4.x nor FreeBSD 5.x. Looks like i need to download a Knoppix and get airsnort running.


I registered for EuroBSDcon yesterday, after Patrick sent a reminder to the de.comp.os.unix.bsd Newsgroup. He fears that if too few people register the conference has to be canceled, so please register if you are planning to go there. I have not yet planned where to sleep. The conference hotel’s website is not browseable, neither with Konqueror nor with Firefox. Other alternatives are the Youth Hostel (cheap & uncomfortable) or a cheaper hotel.
A bit more than two weeks until aKademy, and I am still unsure if i should go there. Last Year in Nove Hrady was a very nice event, but Ludwigsburg is far away and compared to last year I am less involved into KDE.
Something completely different:
If weather on Saturday is nice, i will probably visit the Freerepublicparade.

Building a Spamtrap with Spamassasin

I am currently trying to build a spamtrap with Spamassasin. The idea: I add
another emailaddress to my website. Every email to that address is piped to “sa-learn –spam”. My problem, sa-learn needs to save the gathered information somewhere, and i am not sure where. It looks like spamc stores the information from autolearning on the spamd-server, but sa-learn stores the information local. I don’t want to run a mailserver on the spamd-machine just for this task. Any ideas?


Today I finally set up Xinerama for the first time. I am now running with XFree86 with 2560×1024 taking advantage of my Matrox G550 Dual Head. I am still looking for double-sized Wallpapers especially one with a daemon. I am still experimenting with the position of the KDE kicker. At the moment it is in the middle covering both monitors. But it is not possible to configure absolute positions for the kicker applets, so i have to adjust the positions depending on the number of open windows.
Here is my XF86Config:

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