I am addicted to liquorice. Unfortunately it is not easy to get Liquorice in Austria. Some SPAR supermarkets have “Haribo Color-Rado” but that’s not really special liquorice. The alternative is “Lakrits Båtar” from the IKEA food departement, which tastes very sweet, and I prefer it salty.
So in case you live in a country where you can get good liquorice, I am always grateful for donations. One of my favorites is “Spunk” from Denmark.
Today I surfed on and discovered an interesting flavor, i have not tasted yet: Liquorice with Green Tea. Since I like both, liquorice and green tea, i guess I will like that.
Something I have not seen here at all is liquorice liqueur (tongue twister :-). My Favorites were Dirty Harry and “Hot n�Sweet Vodka Shot” (no Website found, but you can get it at World of Sweets)
In case I am getting tired of computers, I will probably start an Liquorice Import company

Why cook?

Andreas wrote about Making Sushi at home.
I am lazy, so i tested the Akakiko delivery service for the first time, as they started to deliver to my district recently. The food was ok, nearly like in the restaurants, although the packaging was not as stylish.
With the food I got three 100g pots of Wasabi radish with “Merry Chrismas” labels as a present. I am not sure, what I should do with these, since they expire in May.


Okay, One week without an entry in my blog. This does not mean nothing has happend, just that I have been to busy with university. Now I am already awaiting the February-holidays.
I am also awaiting the spring. It started to snow again today and I have seen enough grey snow this year.

Merry Christmas

The usual Christmas ceremony: Chrismas tree admiring, tea drinking and cookies eating, unpacking gifts.
Later, when my family went to church, I read a book from one of my parcels, “Russiandisco” by Wladimir Kaminer. The book contains short stories about russian immigrants in Berlin and contains a CD with strange Russian Popmusic (lots of brass sounds). Some of the Stories are quite funny.
After that the russian music inspired me to hack a bit on the RSS script and now I am cathing up with my blog.