Why i am hosting my blog on an ADSL line

I am hosting my blog at home, and I know why. My second blog at twoday.tuwien.ac.at today gives an error 500. And i didn’t made a backup …

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or
misconfiguration and was unable to complete
your request.

Please contact the server administrator,
root@localhost and inform them of the time the error occurred,
and anything you might have done that may have
caused the error.

More information about this error may be available
in the server error log.

Apache/2.0.46 (Red Hat) Server at twoday.tuwien.ac.at Port 80

Austria lost against Poland in football.

I am usually not interested in austrian football. My girlfriend told me that it was a nice match, Austria “nearly” won.
Nice excerpt from IRC:

10:27 -!- oleczek [^alex@wj118.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #bsdaustria
10:27 < oleczek> guten tag everybody
10:29 <@uza> hey oleczek
10:29 < latoya> oleczek is trying to compile that new, cool window manager
10:29 < oleczek> I like your bot, it’s amazing.
10:30 < oleczek> latoya: I want to say our team which isn’t that fantastic won
yesterday with your (football)
10:30 < latoya> oleczek: excuse me?

Murphy does not use KDE

Everytime there is a FreeBSD release something in the KDE ports horrible breaks. This time:

  1. kdevelop didn’t build on amd64, (okay this my fault, as i noticed this immediately after the 3.3.0 upgrade, but forgot to fix it).
  2. kdemultimedia failed to link after a last minute bsd.port.mk.patch. Big thanks for Andy Fawcett for tracking this down.
  3. kdm was broken in the 3.3.0 upgrade.

Can we now please finish the portsfreeze?

Buying CDs in Vienna

Usually I am buying CDs at the Virgin Megastore, Mariahilfer Strasse. Unfortunately it is currently closed for refurbishment. Saturn doesn’t really sell CDs I like, so where do people buy CDs in Vienna?
I don’t know any other _large_ record store in Vienna :-(. Most people on IRC suggest Amazon, which is nice if you know what you want, but bad for searching around. At the Virgin you can listen to CDs for hours and there are always at least three CDs that I like.

Shut up and blog!

Today I discovered keramida@’s blog and was quite surprised to find my own blog linked right next to mwlucas@ Big Scary Daemons.
Time to start a list of FreeBSD committers that write a blog, diaries, livejournals. (Although some take freefall’s motd serious and prefer to code over writing blog entries)

Disclaimer: This list is not complete, please add a comment if i forgot one. There is also the slight possibility that i added a wrong URL, especially as i neither speak Korean, Japanese or Chinese.

Update 2004-10-05: Added clsung, foxfair, grog, hosokawa, hrs, lth, mich, motoyuki, yoichi.

Update 2004-10-09: Added nyan, issei, nobutaka. Thanks to motoyuki who maintains a diarylist of the japanese BSD community

Update 2004-10-17: Added ijliao, remko

Update 2004-10-23: Added alex

I am too old to be a student

When i wanted to buy my student ticket for public transport today, the clerk told me that i am too old. A few days ago I wrote about Fare dodging and now this is reality for me.
There are three possibilities to get to work: First I could use my knowledge about the ticket inspectors and become a professional fare dodger.
The second option is the bike, although my digicam does not support videos like Horst’s and I need to sweat at least 30 minutes to get to university.
The third option is to use day tickets which are cheaper than the
The Annual ticket if i use the subway less than 270 days a year.
The third option is to add 60 EUR to my transport budget and buy the The Annual ticket


I went Warwalking today and noticed that there are now 14 WLANs in my neighborhood, most of them secured by Mac-Address-filters or WEP.
Here is a map of my WLAN:
With the second Accesspoint the whole garden is covered and unfortunately it is now visible from the Metropoldi.
The pink color shows the area where you should be able to connect to my WLAN, but I need to collect more data from the neighbor houses, especially the school (no 58-56) and the garage (Hernalser Hauptstr 57).